Easi Overview

At Island Evolved we have integrated several forms of new media services into our offerings that have enabled us to develop innovative outlets for advertising and distribution. The introduction of Fruition™ supports our commitment to offering new media strategies ranging from hosting and web design to e-commerce, web advertising, e-mail marketing, video downloads, live video streams and more.

As a new media company, we do much more than create websites. We deliver a virtual representation of each client’s brand. We never use generic templates on our projects. Each client is guaranteed a unique face on the World Wide Web. In order to ensure this outcome, we work closely with our customers to articulate what is unique about their brand. This helps us to clarify the vision for their business and, by extension, their website, its core objectives, the intended target audience, and the desired level of customer interface. We then create a uniquely designed product that raises the bar and goes to work for the client.

Copy Writing

Our team is proficient at generating creative content that conveys the messages and evokes the emotions our clients desire. The unique, interactive approach of our skilled copywriters allows us to develop and refine a distinctive voice that is aligned with the brand our clients wish to articulate. While our strength is in our design and development capabilities, our ability to communicate concepts in words that conjure compelling images is a strong competitive advantage that distinguishes us from our rivals.

Graphic Design and Layout

We are also highly skilled at displaying our clients’ brand stories in beautifully structured templates. In close consultation with our clients, we imagine and create stunning visual designs, logos and brand representations that convey in pictures the essence of their corporate style. Each of our websites is created from scratch and customised to fit the needs of our clients. We do not rely on the use of prefabricated templates bought through online resellers.

Professional Photography

To properly showcase our websites, we also offer professional photography and videography services that enhance our other offerings.

Audio Page Narration

One of our newest accessibility features is audio page narration. On each website page, we can provide narration that makes the page more accessible to the visually impaired.

A website must be designed so that it displays well across all Internet browsers. Websites that are not properly optimised for all browsers will display distorted information when these browsers are used. Our team works to ensure our websites do not experience this problem.

Mobile Development

Smart phones are no longer the future...they are now the rule. We can produce a mobile website that loads quickly on Blackberries and other smart phones so that travellers can easily access information while on the go.

Search Engine Optimization

Ensuring your website can be found by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other popular search engines is essential to its effectiveness. It is a process that includes creating specialised links from popular keywords used in most consumer searches. Our team is well versed in this important area.

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