Island Evolved's WEB3 Model

The WEB3 model is the forward thinking process and study of the web created by Island Evolved Inc. to assist businesses and individuals for better online business practices. It is based on satisfying the needs of people who interact with the Internet and its many applications and devices. Island Evolved Inc. uses the WEB3 model as an integral part of our process to develop our designs, technologies, and brands.

The WEB3 model is based on new media technologies which means the “old” analog media will eventually be phased out. The new media technologies will continue to evolve improving on usability and functions and phasing out what existed before it. The way people send and receive news and information to communicate and do business has drastically changed in the past decade. Corporations who choose not to adapt and explore the WEB3 model and embrace the new forms of media eventually are phased out.

Those businesses failing to have digital strategies and adapt the fundamentals of the new media world will see other companies break into their industry and become market leaders with the use of creative technologies.

See the slide below for more information on the WEB3 Model.

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